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Does anyone else ever wonder how anyone is supposed to know which PC tune up software is the best and is really going to speed up your PC. Man you have tons of different types out there to choose from, one says they are the best and your PC will run 400X faster. Well folks, I have some bad news to tell you. You can beat your brains for years trying to figure out how to make your PC speed up.  You can buy all that software that says it will “speed up my PC” . Other than building your PC up by adding ram and things like that. Your PC will never run 400X faster than it does unless you are badly infected. I can give a little bit of my personal experience here. They make it sound like you can take an out of the box PC, and speed it up. Ok so really you can, but it is such a little bit, almost un-noticeable. It isn’t worth jeopardizing the integrity of your PC by turning everything off, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.  The best thing to speed up your PC, is to just clean your cookies, browser history etc, in your internet options daily. And always run your antivirus, it is good to have an anti-adware program, and an anti-spyware program along with your anti virus. Each one will find different things. I would also reccomend win-xp managerwin-vista manager, or win-7 manager, depending on which operating system you use. These do a great job of cleaning your computer, including cleaning and defragging the registry. It finds junk files, duplicate files, you can tweak pretty much everything with it. It is like having about 20 different tools all in one to help keep your PC running good. This will help keep your PC up to speed too.  Check out    Grumpy1.com       there is an awesome freebie page there.